The Live Silver Museum established by the artist showcases silver jewellery, small-scale decorations, and large-format works of art. One of the most impressive objects displayed at the museum is the “Silver Palace 3001”, an amazing scale building made of over thirty kilograms of silver – the largest silver artwork in the Baltic countries.

Visitors to the museum can see the permanent exhibition, take a guided tour, the museum also offers lectures and thematic events. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the secrets of silversmith’s trade.

Oļegs Auzers is a popular and acclaimed silversmith, whose works have been presented, as representative gifts of the State of Latvia, to the former U.S. President George Bush, British Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Pope Benedict XVI and other prominences.

Live Silver Museum has the opportunity:

• Look at the silver vision of Silver's Oleg Auzer's life.

• How art works in silver.

• Learn how silver was used to improve health in China, Tibet and Egypt.

• The possibility to taste silver water.

• Order individual jewelery made for you.

• Buy ready-made jewelery products.

Regular: 5 EUR
Students and seniors: 4 EUR
Pupils: 2.50 EUR
children -7 yrs
1st group disabled persons


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